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At MIAW we are dedicated to anything digital
even though mobile is our "house special"…


At MIAW we are dedicated to anything digital, even though mobile is our "house special"…

First and foremost we are a Consultancy firm and we can help your company design and build a sound online strategy: be it your corporate social presence or your performance-based campaigns, your online content distribution or your traffic monetization options, we're here to help! On the other hand, we're an access point to skilled and talented resources that can be teamed up to deliver on any special project, fast and focussed. From App development to Carrier billing solutions, from Content licensing to OTT TV projects, from Media buying to Buzz campaign engineering, we have you covered!

Our areas of expertise include:

Mobile: CPA/CPC acquisition, Carrier Billing & Mobile Payments, Content Aggregation & Distribution, App development, Monetization strategy, Carrier Relations, Mobile Marketing.

Social: Content & Video Seeding, Reputation building, Earned-Media strategy & execution, Buzz & Viral marketing, Facebook/Twitter presence.

Online Media: SEO/SEM, Native Adv, Media Planning & Buying, Performance-based campaigns, Content Licensing & Distribution, Affiliate marketing management, Blogging Platforms & Networks, Strategic Partnerships.

Software: UI/UEX design, Mobile/Web/OTT App development (Roku/Boxee/Smart TV/iOS/Android etc.), Business Intelligence and Data Analysis platforms, CRM and Back Office, Online Payments.


David Wallach

A Mobile and Digital Media industry professional with over 12 yrs experience, David has worked on a vast number of projects and with several companies in North America and Europe. He has developed a worldwide network of business contacts and a sixth sense for the identification of new opportunities. An early comer to the Online Content, Advertising and Mobile "value added services" industries, David stands for a passionate, tech-neutral, consumer-centric approach to business.

Expert Network

A large network of professionals are involved in MIAW's work, assembled on a project basis. This includes senior software developers, product managers, marketing managers and other personnel with solid international experience from a number of industries including: social & buzz marketing, mobile, web, online advertising, media buying, FMCG, entertainment, production, content licensing and distribution, music, creative and more.

Mia W.

"Internet, the final frontier. These are the wonderings of Mia W. Her two-year mission: to have us explore strange new worlds, to seek out new media and new opportunities, to boldly take us where no Company had taken us before…"
(William Shatner, aka Capt. Kirk)

Our visionary, thought stimulating, undisputed and ever-inspiring Leading Entity, Mia W. puts her creativity, endless curiosity, lateral thinking, and problem solving skills behind our quest for perfection. As any great Leader, she provides the ultimate motivation for our company to meet any challenge our Customers bring us.


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